Loving Lately // June 2017

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I am going to do this once a month & they have a color theme.
January was gray, February was pink and March was green and for April the color theme was  yellow/gold, May was coral and June is AQUA or some may call it TURQUOISE!

Here is this month's Loving Lately....

// ONE //
 It's summer & the weather is hotter which means I really, really, really need to drink water more consistently.
How cute is this Swell bottle?
I swear I drink more water because it keeps it cold and it's a cute bottle. 
They also keep things hot!
They come in tons of designs & color options!
Check them out HERE.

// TWO //
How cute are these flip flops?

I need to get them for Claire...they have 3 of her favorite things...flamingos, the color pink & the color aqua. She is going to love them.

// THREE //
Speaking of flip flops, let's chat for a minute about what happens when you wear flip flops all Summer. Cracked heels. Or am I just the only one?
UGH. Mine get so bad...literally the only shoes I wear during the Summer are flip flops or running shoes (if I go on a run) My heals get so cracked and for years and years I have tried to figure out a remedy for them & last summer I figured it out!
First, I use a pumice stone on my heels.
Then I exfoliate my heels with the Rodan + Fields microdermabrassion paste.
Then I wash it off and put on some of this magical Foot Cream

I just found out it also comes in a tube

Then I put on socks. I do this right before bed maybe 2-3 times a week.
No more cracked & bleeding heels! 
Love this during the summer months!

// FOUR //
How cute is this shirt that I got in myStitch Fix

Love it with white shorts or white jeans.

I am seriously loving Stitch Fix lately.
Have you given it a try? If not, you should! I have done Stitch Fix every month for the past 3 years.
You can customize it and do it every other month or every 3 months, etc.
It's like Christmas when the box arrives :)

// FIVE //
I am loving all the free time I have in the summer to read!
Last week I finished this book:
I loved it. I loved the author so much that I am going to get some more of her books! 
If you like suspense, mystery and a little creepy...this book (and author!) is for you.

// SIX //
Lash Boost
My "out the door with 1 coat of mascara, wet hair in a bun (or hat) and lipgloss look" is a whole lot better thanks to Lash Boost!
Needless to say I'm in love. These are my personal results after 12 weeks of Lash Boost:
 One tube of Lash Boost lasts me around 4-5 months!
I have FIVE $20 off COUPONS available to the next 5 new Preferred Customer orders of the Lash Boost Conditioning Serum.
100% natural, 100% real!
If you want longer, darker & fuller looking lashes, this is the deal for you!
Email me to claim one!

// SEVEN  //
Loving going to Lake Tahoe....especially in the summer.
The lake is Aqua....check out this photo I took at my favorite beach:
My happy place. Year round.

//  EIGHT  //
Since it's summer & I am in Tahoe... I am loving this hat
You will see me in this hat almost everyday in the summer.
I LOVE it.
It comes in several colors!

// NINE // 
Loving  my kids wearing Rash Guards
Luke has this one and loves it.

I love rash guards because they protect against the hot sun when we are swimming or spending time in Lake Tahoe. The girls have these ones. I make them wear them almost everyday that we are in Tahoe. The sun there is so harsh!

 // TEN //
We are Loving the Stand up Paddle Boards that Santa brought us!

They are inflatable so that we don't have to put them on roof racks.
You would never know they are inflateable! We love them
They come with a backpack, pump, oar & other accessories.

Santa got them at over 50% off on a Black Friday deal, but they are on sale again right now!

They were a gift for Kevin & I, but the girls have pretty much claimed them as their own.
They took their maiden voyage this past weekend and we all loved them.

So, there you have it....some lovely aqua/turquoise l things I have been Loving Lately.
I'm just all about Summer....can you tell?!?
What have you been Loving Lately?


2017 Garden {Month One}

It's been a little over a month since we planted our 2017 Garden, so I thought I would do a little garden update.
 Here is what our 2017 garden looked like when I first planted it:
And, here it is a month later:
It has grown SO much!!!
My tomatoes are growing a ton!
I am watering 2-3 times a week.
The weather has been really mild the past month, mostly in the 70's with only a couple of days that is hit the 80s and 90s.

This is my garden box that has 5 early girl tomatoes in it:
 No green tomatoes yet, I bet they start showing up this week since we are going to get a heat wave of 90-100 degrees for a week.

Here is my 2nd box of tomatoes which contains my cherry tomatoes, sun sugar, sweet 100, grape tomatoes & sun gold tomatoes.
 No green tomatoes here either just yet, but I think that is because it hasn't been hot enough.

 My 3rd garden box has herbs, green onions, zucchini, yellow squash & lettuce:
 I love having herbs in my garden.
I add cilantro to a lot of meals (I make some sort of Mexican dish at least once a week!)

My favorite is adding cilantro to my 3 ingredient Crock Pot Chicken Tacos
 And to my Instant Pot Spicy Shredded Pork Tacos:
I feel so empowered...there is noting like the feeling of growing your own food :)
 I also picked my first zucchini last week!

The kids want me to make Zucchini Chocolate Chip muffins this week with our harvest!
{I have TONS of zucchini recipes at the bottom of THIS post}

If you grow zucchini and/or squash, make sure you don't let them get too big on the vine. If you do, it will stall the growth of other ones. 

My squash is starting to grow as well:
My lettuce is also in this garden box....it is slowly coming along.

 I use lettuce for salads..... One of our go-to's is my Taco Salad:
Here is the watermelon:

The view from how are garden looked from this direction 1 month ago at the beginning of May:

And how it looks one month later at the beginning of June:
 I can't wait to see the difference a month from today.
Hopefully I will have more tomatoes...that is what I look forward to the most :)
Here are a few more tips/reminders when planting your garden (it's not too late to get one planted!)

1. Make sure your plants have enough space. Leave more than you think you need. As veggies grow, they get taller & wider and it's important to give them space to grow. If they are too crowded not enough sun will get in and also, some of the veggies might rot if they grow too close & get tangled up with other plants.

2. When you water, make sure you water the base of the plants. Don't water the leaves, just water the base near the root. I water by hand with a hose on a slow trickle so that the plants don't flood and so that the water penetrates deep into the roots.

3. Trim back your herbs before they flower.  They will be bitter if they flower. It's okay to trim them way back....they will grow again!

4. Pick the veggies as they grow so that the plant can continue to produce. We can't keep up with all the veggies that we grown in our garden, so we pick it and share our produce with neighbors, family, friends & co-workers!

Happy Gardening! 


10 on 10 :: June 2017

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
ten on ten button
Happy 10th of June...a few days ago :)

Here is a sneak peek into our day on Saturday...
Typical Saturday....coffee in bed while watching HGTV.
Checking on Luke because he slept in until 10 am on Saturday morning!!! WHAT?!?!
On Friday we were at our neighbors pretty late watching the Warriors game. I love that Luke slept in. Sleeping in is the best!
Kate on the trampoline....all day everyday.
Claire is committed to reading a lot this summer & we set up a chart for her to make sure she is on track with reading. Love that she is loving reading.
Also....my mom got each of my kids a fidget spinner...UGH. LOL!

I got a present ready for my Aunt Patty...she retired from teaching after 35 years!!! Incredible. That calls for a gift of Rombauer Chardonnay.
Then I headed out for a little road trip to Chico! My aunt was having her retirement party. She lives about 3 hours away, so we hit the road after lunch.
Kevin is slammed at work, so he stayed home with Kate & Luke, but Claire wanted to go to the party, so we grabbed a ride with my dad, Jimmy.
You guys...I love my dad...he has a brand new car with GPS/Navigation, but yet he still prints out directions on mapquest. Classic Jimmy!!! Love it!
My aunt & uncle have a gorgeous backyard...the perfect party backyard.
She had a food truck for her party....Truck a Roni...it was delicious! I had spaghetti and meatballs and Chicken Alfredo.

My sisters and I with our Aunt Patty. So proud of her and her dedication to teaching.
 Every aunt that I have (on both my dad's and mom's side) are teachers. And half my cousins are teachers...it's definitely in the family :)

So, there you have it...a peak into our 10th.
It was a great Saturday...hope you had a great weekend also!


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